The Tayler Collection

Five beautifully handcrafted lashes created by a professional makeup artitst, "Taylered" just for you!

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Just like your favorite pair of earrings, or your go-to jacket, lashes are another accessory to add to your look. Whether it's running errands with your kids, or a night out with the girls, these lashes were created by me with EVERY occasion in mind! ENJOY!

To see these bad boys in action, head to instagram, link below;

  • The Social Butterfly

    Social butterflty is exactly how she sounds, ready to be seen, and ready for a fun night out! She's sassy, she's flirty, she's ready to go

  • The Fire Sign

    Where my Aries girls at?!? My fire sign lash is dynamic, and confident. She is a daredevil, adventurous and energetic. Perfect for my fire signs, or any sign for that matter!

  • The Flower Child

    Ever have an era that you just believe you were made for?? Well mine is and always will be the 70"s. Boho & funky, and my flower child lash is perfect for those Boho queens.

  • The Mom Mode

    She may have 47 things going on at one time, but mom mode is my girl on the go lash. Shes gorgeous, shes dainty, but she packs a punch (just like my fellow mama's out there) 

  • The Tayler Lash

    The Tayler Lash is of course my favorite, Hence the name.. The Tayler lash was designed with all the women out there who just want to feel radiant, pretty, the best version of themselves. I desgined this lash to replicate one of the first pair of lashes I ever wore, and I will never forget looking in the mirror at myself and feeling this sudden rush of confidence.  Thats what I wanted to bring to you with this lash, and thats how I hope the Tayler lash makes you feel. 

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